Dive Team Lysekil

Welcome to Dive Team in Lysekil!

We are located on the west coast of Sweden. It is a beautiful archipelago with thousands of small islands. The red granite is only meeting the ocean on two places in the world and Lysekil is one of them.

The water here is green once you get down under the surface and you will be surpriced over the marine life. Swim slow and look carefully, there is alot to be found!

Dive Team has courses from beginner up to instructor level. We have excursions with our boat every day during summer and every weekend during spring and fall. We do guided dives from land on the famous divesite Släggö right outside here. We have the unique fjord right outside our doorstep, in it you can find different marine life compared to out in the open ocean. Dive Team also has the biggest dive store in Sweden. We fill air and nitrox directly in your tanks. We have alot of gear for rent.

If you need any more info in english please call us or email. Will will help you. No problem, most of us speak english =)

+46 523 16470


Most welcome to Dive Team Lysekil for a fun and beautiful experience on the Swedish west coast!

+46 (0)523 164 70


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Dive Team Lysekil

Badhusgatan 16 , 45330 Lysekil

+46 (0)523-16470