This is a limited deco recreational program aimed for people that wish to do a bit longer at depth using single with a bailout, twin set or sidemount.


The aim is not a full tech program, but to train divers in good form, team, trim propulsion and a limited tech approach as well as trimix use.

The best thing is they can do it in their chose configuration single, twin or SM, and learn
some stage skills along the way. It is a good program for students: looking to move to twin set but not fully committed to 'tech' yet.

Students wishing to improve their basic diving skills and learn about deco
Student interested in technical direction but not fully committed to a deco 50 level course.

Program, 5 days:

Day 1 Intro, equipment, CW1
Day 2 CW 2 finish off, planning theory
Day 3 Dive, Dive 2, planning
Day 4 Dive 3, Dive 4, planning
Day 5 Dive 5, Experience dive/ finish up


16 years
Advanced, Nitrox and Deep Cert
40 dives
(must have SM cert if using SM on course)

Pris för kursen per person: SEK 8000


Boka direkt genom att ringa eller maila till oss på:

phone 073-546 81 22


Om du har några frågor eller funderingar, tveka inte att höra dig till oss!